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Here's an analogy that might help you with the problem -

The error you are receiving is roughly the same - not enough data is getting through to your ShoutCast  server - and therefore your encoder software is reporting this fault to you.

There's many possible areas in which your 'internet pipe' might have become temporarily 'blocked':

1. Your internet service provider might be having some maintenance work, or some congestion.....
2. You might be using a large percentage of your own internet connection on other programs (downloads / uploads etc etc) -
and therefore not leaving enough 'bandwidth' for your stream to get through to your server without a hiccup. 
3. Test your Internet connection
4. Shut down your computer
5. Unplug your router/modem
6. Wait 30 seconds
7. Plug back the router/modem
8. Restart your computer.

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