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This document shows some of the most common error and information codes you might encounter with Sam Broadcaster PRO and SAM Cast Pro, along with the actions to take to resolve the issue.

10054 - Disconnected

When resetting your stream this error will show up. Restart and wait about 1 or 2 minutes.
Try to shut down SAM and SHOUTcast server and restart.

When trying to connect to your server, you receive a 10061 error and the server won't start.

10060 and 10061

These are problems with the server being down, connection refused, bad password, bad IP, or bad gateway.

Please verify:
1) The DNAS is running
2) The password you have is correct (verify by logging into the DNAS admin)
3) The DNAS is not already sourced
4) The encoder has no http:// or other protocol prefix
5) Outgoing connections from SAM to the server are allowed.

This error can also be caused by the server malfunctioning and you should immediately open a support ticket.


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