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Video, Audio, & Text Chat Ideal for Radio TV

HD Video Conferencing, Video, Audio, Text Chat: Connects Your Entire Organization for use in social media, business, education, government, and many other industries.This application allows users to text, video and audio chat with each other.There is also the ability to go into a private chat with two users by having one user invite the other. The invited user can either deny or accept that invite. Streaming Pulse delivers incredible quality and scale at 50% of the cost of traditional business video conferencing solutions.

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Multipoint Video Chat Conferencing

In order to test the Video Conferencing – Streaming Pulse:

1) Click above: Launch Video Chat Demo provide the following detail to Connect:
A) Username: Camera1
(For the admin Panel Type the Admin Password: ” demo ” in the text box after logging into the video chat and click “Send”

B) Commands file, you can see the commands that the chat area will accept.
For example if you put in the chat area “/kickem camera1”, then the application will kick out the user “Camera1”. Quotes aren’t included of course. At this point in time you can kick, ban, unban users and list the banned users and why you banned them.


C) Banning users is a little different because you can add in a reason, so it looks like this: “/banned Camera1 Being a bit to smart in the chat for my comfort” and the application will record the IP of the user to ban.

You can also clear the chat by typing in /clear

The administration panel which can be opened with the administration panel button in the top right if you are an admin user (Type the Admin Password: “demo” Quotes aren’t included of course.) This will allow you to do all of the above except with a proper interface. Private Chat to invite a user to a private Chat, click on the user from the list box and click on the top right “Invite”

Flexible Development Environment Flexible Development Environment
Prebuilt examples provide the foundation for building chat applications in Adobe FlashⓇ to best suit your needs.

HD Conferencing HD Conferencing
Full compatibility with H.264 encoding in the latest Adobe Flash Player lets you stream high-def video chat and conferencing.

Stream Hosting Tools