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Streaming Pulse Quality Survey

We value the opinions of our customers. On a regular basis, we canvas your opinions to ensure that we are delivering the most relevant services and products to you. We value your feedback and opinions on our service levels. Our most recent customer survey has been collected and the results found are listed below.

Support Speed
Technical Skills
Servers Uptime
Servers Security
Overall 2015

Why Are Our Prices So Low?

You are probably wondering how can we charge as much as 40% less than our competition and still be in business? By leveraging our strong relationship with the biggest network providers, we are able to purchase large amounts of Top-Quality Bandwidth at a low cost and then pass the savings on to our customers. The only way someone could sell our quality for less is if they were losing money on streaming. What’s the end result of all this? We are a profitable company that expects to be in business for many years to come. We motivate from our firm belief in value-conscious customers like you.


These technologies ensure a guaranteed 99.9% access (Network Uptime 100% S.L.A.) through a high-speed connection to your streams. Each Streaming Pulse server is connected to a dedicated 10Gbps full Duplex port , which we make sure will never run out of bandwidth. How? An automated system monitors the usage and as soon as a server has reached 80% of the capacity, new connections are shifted to a new server. This guarantees absolutely secure and stable streams.

USA-Europe Data Centre Network Map