Live Stream Recording

Live Stream Recording

Wowza Stream Recording

It’s quick and easy to use a wide range of video and audio recording functions. Enrich your users’ experience with features from basic stream recording to cutting-edge time-shifted functionality.

Live Stream Recording Functionality

Record Live Streams:

Create MP4 recordings of your live streams and transcoded output. You can segment recordings by duration and size, and distribute video-on-demand streams to users.
live recording

Archive Live Streams:

Record a live stream to a file available for on-demand playback.
Record an entire live webcast into a single file, segment it into multiple files for chapter replay, or start and stop recording at predetermined points for partial archiving.

Wowza Archive Live Streams

Stream VOD Files to Any Device

Extend your audience reach by streaming prerecorded video to any player and device, over any protocol, from one set of source files.

Wowza player and device

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