Unable to send data fast enough

Here's an analogy that might help you with the problem -

Imagine your main water feed pipe - supplying water into your house.

OK. Now imagine that the pipe has become partially blocked.

The water pressure and therefore the amount of water being delivered to your house will be reduced by this blockage.
Now imagine you're trying to have a shower - but there's not enough pressure to feed the water to your shower unit. No water is going to come out....

The error you are receiving is roughly the same - not enough data is getting through to your Shoutcast (or Windows) server - and therefore your encoder software is reporting this fault to you.

There's many possible areas in which your 'internet pipe' might have become temporarily 'blocked':

1) your internet service provider might be having some maintenance work, or some congestion.....
2) you might be using a large percentage of your own internet connection on other programs (downloads / uploads etc etc) -
and therefore not leaving enough 'bandwidth' for your stream to get through to your server without a hiccup. 
3) Test your Internet connection

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