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Views of the Streaming Pulse Board Team

We aim to respond to all online tickets within one hour during normal business hours. Please note that if you have a problem and require support outside of business hours the correct procedure is to telephone us on our main number. Get your queries resolved instantly with 24×7 Live Support. Our highly trained specialists are always available and are always here to help you. We are key on delivering dependable server solutions for our clients, at an economical price. All servers have a dedicated 10Gbps streaming 100% SLA Top-Quality Premium Bandwidth(Network Uptime 100%)

  • Flash Media Hosting
  • Wowza Media Server
  • Live Video Streaming.
  • Low Latency Live Video Streaming.
  • On-demand Video Streaming
  • TV Station Video Audio Web Playlist
  • Stream monitoring/restarting.
  • Real Time Full Statistics

Why Choose Us

High quality servers located in USA-EUROPE 99.99% Solid Up-time Guarantee,Fast and Secure Network! All servers have a dedicated 10Gbps streaming 100% SLA
We are Key on delivering dependable server solutions for our clients,at an economical price. Each Streaming Pulse server is connected to a dedicated 10Gbps full Duplex port , which we make sure will never run out of bandwidth. How? An automated system monitors the usage and as soon as a server has reached 80% of the capacity, new connections are shifted to a new server.

  • Servers location USA – EUROPE
  • Fast and Secure Network
  • Multi-homed Internet Backbone Connections
  • Standard 10Gb Ethernet
  • Full-meshed OSPF/BGP4 Network
  • TCP and UDP Ports Monitoring
  • Network Uptime 100% S.L.A.
  • 24×7 Support

Management Team

Angela Trani  Customer Service - Sales
Angela Trani
Kim Barone
Kim Barone
Patrizia Cuore Support Agent
Patrizia Cuore
Lou Hunter
Lou Hunter
Robert Wright
Robert Wright
Frank Wolf
Frank Wolf
Luca Franchi
Luca Franchi
Jacky Prasnikar
Jacky Prasnikar
IT Administrator
Damaso Dell'Elce
Damaso Dell'Elce
Mike Tromby
Mike Trombi

Streaming Pulse Board Team

  • Angela Trani Sales Department
  • Maria Del Grande Sales Department
  • Kim Barone Billing Department
  • Katia Di Berto Billing Department
  • Mike Trombi General Department
  • Patrizia Cuore General Support
  • Robert Wright Tech Support
  • Luca Franchi Support Department
  • Lou Hunter SC8 USA Server
  • Alex Leonard SC10 USA Server
  • Cesare Valentini SC1 USA Server
  • Susan Mimmo SC12 Windows-MS.USA Europe
  • Damaso Dell’ Elce
  • Luisa Ferri SC4 Europe Server
  • Daniele Bartelomeo SC11 Europe Servers
  • Frank Wolf Flash-MS.Europe USA

We aim to respond to all tickets within one hour.We have built a support team with the depth and breadth of knowledge to fully support any solution Support with teams based in the EU and USA.

Toll Free: 1855 22 PULSE (78573)
Tel +1 647 347 8886
When you call, please be in front of your computer and have your account server email address handy.