Centova Cast Statistics

Statistics Overview:

Gain valuable insights into your radio station’s performance and audience engagement with Centova Cast’s comprehensive statistics system. These statistics provide a detailed analysis of listener behavior, demographics, track performance, and more.

Accessing Your Statistics:
To view your station’s statistics, go to the “Report” section under the “Statistics” heading in the left-hand navigation panel

Recent Activity:

Monitor your stream’s performance over the past 48 hours.

Listener Demographics:
Explore detailed statistics on listener demographics from the past 14 days.

User Agents:

View the devices and platforms used by your listeners to access your stream over the past 14 days.

Top Countries:
Identify which countries are most engaged with your station over the past 14 days.

Track Performance:

Analyze the popularity and performance of tracks played on your station over the past 14 days.

Historical Trends:
 Access historical charts illustrating listener trends and data transfer over the past 14 days.

To customize the reporting period, click “Change reporting period” at the top of the page and select your desired timeframe.


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