AIO Radio Player - Icecast/Shoutcast supporting MP3/AAC/OGG codec

Extreme customizable, CSS3 Transitions, MP3 HTML5. All-in-one Radio Station Player Supports: Shoutcast V1/V2, Icecast, SAM Broadcaster, Radionomy, Centovacast and direct information from stream it self using ICY-METADATA.  To start configure your player login into your SHOUTCast Centova Panel and from your left Dashboard under Radio Players:

- Added: AACPlus Player Supporting
- Added: Ability to import artwork into player from another folder or FTP server
- Added: Uploaded or imported artwork can now also use both Artist & Track Title
- Added: Hovering small image on artwork manager will now display full-sized thumbnail
- Fixed: Artwork caching issue (iTunes, LastFM and EchoNest ) which sometiems saved images with 0 bytes
- Fixed: When a channel was missing, API still shown details of another channel
- Changed: Player font sizes have been slightly modified and changed to pt/em combo
- Changed: Renamed Advanced page to Tools since we're having lots of tools on the page
- Changed: Re-arranged the Debugging options and added iTunes SSL Test to the list
- Improved: The iTunes API images are now much higher quality and resolution

( AIO - Radio Station Player )
to start configure your new player from your left Dashboard under Radio Players:

A) Click On AIO
B) Login to the Player Control Panel
C) Username ==>> ( Your Centova Username )
E) Password ==>> ( Your Centova Administrator Password)

Video Tutorial: SHOUTCast AIO Radio Player

If you require assistance please Raise a ticket to our Support Team.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

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